Portable Usb Drive

FlashBack 3

FlashBack 3: The simplest way to back up your flash drive and protect your files. FlashBack makes it very easy to back up flash drives. If you just use flash drives (USB drives, memory sticks) to transfer files from one computer to another, you probably don`t need FlashBack. However, if you keep important files on your flash drive, FlashBack could be very useful. Just keep FlashBack.exe on your flash drive and double-click it whenever you want to take a back up of the drive and ensure your files are safe.

Carry it Easy +Plus Protect, Backup, Sync your Data and Outlook to a portable storage device
Carry it Easy +Plus

portable storage device (e.g. USB Flash Drive, iPod or MP3 Player, external HDD or U3 smart Drive) into a powerful tool. Protect your data Backup or sync your Outlook (e-mails, contacts, calendar, etc.) Backup your Windows Mail or Outlook Express Sync your files Sync your internet favorites and compress all data to save valuable storage space. Turn your USB device in the screensaver lock for your PC for easy login and logout. Make the login to your

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Recover Pen Drive Data 1.1.2: Pen Drive Data Recovery Software to Recover Pen Drive Data
Recover Pen Drive Data 1.1.2

drive data can corrupt due to virus attack and system generated error. In this condition user feel powerless and unable to access that PD. Our USB drive recovery software is an excellent alterate solution to recover pen drive data from this condition. This thumb drive recovery software is worldwide competitive and developed with advanced scanning technique. Our company has invented tool to accomplish Pen drive file recovery task within 2 or 3 simple

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Proteg 3.3: Use your USB flash drive for Windows logon, access control or authentication.
Proteg 3.3

Proteg allows you to convert a standard portable USB flash drive (USB storage device) into a security token, that can be used to securely access your PC. After installation you are prompted for a USB flash drive and can then select a user account that you want to protect. To access your PC with that account, you will need the created USB flash drive, as well as an additional password - you will always need both, the USB drive and the password.

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USBDriveFresher 1.0: Clean your USB drive every time you plug it in according to rules you specify.
USBDriveFresher 1.0

USB drive clean with this clever little utility. Affinity Tools` USBDriveFresher 1.0 is one of the handiest utilities on the market and the best part is that it`s totally free! You know all those pesky little files that get left on your USB drive as you move it from one computer to another? You know... those files like thumbs.db or anything that has an underscore at the start of the filename? With USBDriveFresher 1.0 you never have to concern yourself

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Removable Disk Repair Software USB drive data repair software rescue lost or corrupted pen drive files
Removable Disk Repair Software

portable USB media storage devices such as zip drive, key chain disk, USB drive, memory chip, compact flash card, jump drive, portable laptop hard drive, removable music storage disc, thumb drive and other similar mass data storage disc. Crashed data recovery software provide support to major capacity USB drives including 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and 8GB. Easy to use software works with Microsoft Windows platform (from Windows 9x

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Keynesis Portable Sweeper 1.5: Remove traces of private information left behind on visited computers
Keynesis Portable Sweeper 1.5

Keynesis Portable Sweeper is the world`s first privacy protection tool specifically designed for users of portable drives (such as USB drives and portable hard drives), offering a simple, friendly and intuitive way to remove any traces of private information that may have been otherwise left behind on visited computers. It also provides a tool that will help users maintain and clean their own computers at home and in the office.

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